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Martial Arts Instructors in Washington

Grandmaster Norman Leeker

Master Leeker began his martial arts career in January 1985 in a Karate Class sponsored by The Washington Parks & Recreation Department. Switching to Taekwondo he earned his 1st degree Black Belt in 1988 and began teaching for the Parks and Rec department. In 2001 as a 4th degree Black Belt Master Leeker opened Family Martial Arts Fitness Academy in Washington, MO. Master Leeker has offered programs for all ages starting at 3 years old, and has earned Black Belts in Judo and Kage Iai Jutsu Ryu (Japanese Samurai Sword Arts). His goal has always been to train all his students to be the very best they can be, not just in martial arts but also in life.

Kay Politte

Kay Politte is a health and wellness professional, who has worked in fitness (part time, now full time, with 33yrs experience). Kay’s passion for helping others grew into a career. Working for the YMCA, All Women’s Fitness, and Present Moments teaching and training. Kay was involved in starting up and selling Anytime Fitness Washington. She presently teaches PiYo and Eccentric Stretch classes at Family Martial Arts Fitness Academy, and offers private lessons as well, Kay is Beach Body Certified PiYo/Aerobic/Pilates/Yoga Instructor. ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Nutrition Specialist, ACE Certified Senior Fitness/Eccentric Stretch Specialist, and ACE Certified Behavior Change Specialist.

Master Andy Virgen

Master Andy Virgen began Taekwondo training at the age of 13 with the Washington Parks & Rec Dept under the direction of Master Leeker in 1995. Master Virgen continued Martial Arts training while at college and returned to a teaching position with Family Martial Arts where he earned his 5th Degree Master Black Belt through Kukkiwon. Master Virgen continues to teach and train at Family Martial Arts where he is Senior Taekwondo Instructor.

Mrs. Emily Strassner

Mrs. Emily Strassner Started practicing Taekwondo in 2008 through the Choong-Sil Taekwondo Federation earning 2nd Degree Recommended. Began practicing Kage Iaijutsu Ryu (Japanese Sword) under the direction of Master Norman Leeker and Grand Master Joseph Sanders earning a 1st Dan. Mrs. Strassner joined Family Martial Arts Fitness Academy Taekwondo in 2010 and earned her 3rd Dan from Kukkiwon in 2019 under the direction of Master Norman Leeker. In 2019 Mrs. Strassner also earned Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) in Judo through Sensei Richard Copenhagen. Mrs. Strassner is a certified Coach and Referee for AAU Taekwondo.

Mr. Michael Buhr

Mr. Michael Buhr began training in Taekwondo at Family Martial Arts at the age of 7. Through continuous training under the direction of Master Leeker, Mr. Buhr earned Taekwondo 3rd Dan Black Belt from Kukkiwon in 2020. Mr. Buhr was home-schooled through elementary and High School level, and is currently enrolled in the business degree program at East Central College.


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